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Chapter 3: Defiance :iconlegendarylotus:LegendaryLotus 0 0
Chapter 2: Day of Serenity
The light from Radiata beamed down through the treetops and streamed onto the dirt path. Sorra glanced back and could see Vinay’s house as a spec on the horizon. As always, Shyro kept a steady pace and never looked back. The forest was alive with the sounds of daily activity as the brothers proceeded through. The weather was warm and inviting almost like a mirror image of the weather of that day long ago before the tragedy. Sorra glanced at his brother, but there was no sign of emotional distress despite what day it was today. It was upsetting, Shyro was a much more refined and calm young man than Sorra. But at times, it also felt like the person he used to be died a long time ago. A frown fixed itself upon the younger brother’s face as the silence continued.
“Sorra” Shyro called getting his brother’s attention.
“Oh, what is it?” He replied a bit surprised at the sudden break in silence.
“Vinay is right, we should try and enjoy the day. I
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Logo by LegendaryLotus Logo :iconlegendarylotus:LegendaryLotus 0 0
Chapter 1: Dawn
Radiata’s rays shone in through a circular window and illuminated the face of a young man causing him to wince and turn away. The light bounced off of his frizzled and unkempt scarlet hair as he grumbled in his slumber. His wool comforter was unevenly stretched and ended just below his topless form. His torso and upper body were fit and toned near perfection, minus the few scars staining his sun kissed skin. Unfortunately, he began to snore and droll oozed out of the corner of his mouth onto his straw pillow. Suddenly, the door to his room slammed opened almost shaking the area.
“Sorra, time to get up!” a feminine voice chimed out completely destroying the previous tranquil silence.
“Holy hell!” Sorra shouted being thrust into the waking world and instantly rolled off. He jerked up holding his pillow in front of him like it was his last defense. “Jeez, Vinay! You trying to scare me to death?!” Sorra barked attempting to settle down his heart.
:iconlegendarylotus:LegendaryLotus 0 8
Prologus: Day Four
The children's eyes slowly crept open in the darkness of that hidden cellar silently. Their faces were stained with dried tears as they looked toward one another with vacant expressions. Shyro was the first to creep open the door to finally see what had become of their home. Everything in the home looked as though it had be ravaged by bandits. There wasn’t a sound however, and the two emerged from the cellar cautiously. Shyro led griping his sword, should anything try to attack them, and Sorra followed behind. They never said a word to each other, just passing glances. Before long they walked outside and were greeted by a thick fog that hung in the air. For a moment, it seemed like it was snowing as well; but in actuality it was nothing but ash blanketing the blood stained ground. Their first instinct was to look for their mother, but they were afraid of what they would find. Thus, the two continued into the city. Their footsteps echoed throughout the once beautiful Dari. The bui
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Mature content
Prologus: Day Three :iconlegendarylotus:LegendaryLotus 0 0
Prologus: Day Two
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Day of Serenity!" announced a harlequin atop a tall circular platform. Vast amounts of people from every race entered the massive elaborate gates of Dari displaying the ancient war between deities and Stratos. Within the plethora of citizens traversing down the main stone paved path Sorra pulled his mother by the hand eagerly.
"Come on mom! I don't want to miss it!" he said barely able to contain his excitement.
"Slow down, Sorra! It doesn't begin for another thirty minutes! Don't you want to see the attractions first?" she said almost pleading with her son to slow down.
"No way! I want front row seats!" he whined continuing his speedy trek. They pasted by innumerable merchant stalls, attractions, and games along the way before finally coming up to an immense dome-like arena. It easily towered over other structures of Dari and was built in the center away from the other buildings.
Out of the blue, Sorra was hoisted off the ground and held upside do
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Prologus: Day One
"OW!" cried a young boy as he crashed to the ground cradling his cheek. His hair held a scarlet red and his clothes were matted with soil, no doubt from playing all day. Weeping he looked up at his assailant through tear brimming emerald hued eyes.
"W-why did you h-hit me?" he choked out. A child stood over him silhouetted against the falling Radiata and crossed their arms.
"Because you weren't paying attention! Now get up crybaby" and equally young voice commanded.
"Sorry Shyro..." the crying boy said wiping his tears on his long sleeves and got up to his feet. Shyro sighed and walked a couple feet away then slipped his right foot back standing in a battle stance.
"Come on Sorra, pay attention this time!" he called out. Sorra dusted off his backside and got into a fighting stance of his own "ok!" he retorted with a pout.
The two sparred until Radiata was well on the horizon.
"Boys supper is ready!" called a woman who had just emerged onto their mock battleground. She had lush b
:iconlegendarylotus:LegendaryLotus 1 2
Races of Lunari
• Look like regular humans
• Capable of breeding with all other races
• Affiliated with all essences
• Have gills, webbed feet (also fins) and hands, all teeth are serrated
• Skin has a bluish hue
• Affiliated with Vesi(water) essence  
• Very diverse race
• All have attributes of animals. Ex: felines, canines, etc.
• Each individual is born with a symbol somewhere on their body. Families share the same symbol.
• Many are enslaved by the Halun
• Affiliated with Maa(earth) essence
• Very quick on their feet
• Have the ability to jump higher than normal and glide
• Ears are pointed
• Fair skin
• Affiliated with Tuule(wind) essence
• Double fanged
• Very aggressive
• Their physical strength exceed all other races
• When angered their eyes become black and fangs elongate
• Babies have barbs to latch themselves to parents. This also a blood transfusio
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Lost Legacy: Introduction
In the beginning, when the cosmos was still in its infancy, all rested within the motionless solitude. The only beings were the radiant goddess Lunari and the god Dracos. They had been in a state of deep slumber suspended in silence. Lunari was the first to awaken. As her lids lifted from her cloudy grey irises, white seg began to sprinkle from her holy vestige. The seg dusted the void with the first glimmers of light. It wasn’t long before a large amount accumulated into a single form, thus creating the massive source of white essence: Radiata. The light was powerful and shone out far across the plain creating more great lanterns to bath everything within its radiance. With the space now basking in light, the second god began to stir. As he awoke black seg pooled from his body and spread rapidly casting shadows on Lunari’s creations. Displeased Lunari willed Radiata to shine brighter, to counteract this injustice. However, Dracos created the four dark moons to counteract R
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Hey there everyone! I have extremely exciting news! Lost Legacy is being developed into a webcomic and plans are moving forward at lightning speed. As a result I will be posting all future updates at the official LosT LegacY deviantart page: . Please continue to support us! The future is shining bright and I'd mean the world if you could all join us and watch this dream become a reality! 


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